Wernick makes a donation to Surfability UK

24th August 2021

Based out of two buildings in Caswell Bay on the Gower, Surfability UK, is a Community Interest Group that offers surfing experiences and lessons to people who have additional needs due to disability, injury, illness or learning difficulties.

Utilising and combining their knowledge from special education, healthcare, surfing and lifeguarding, the company makes surfing as inclusive, safe, and as enjoyable as possible. They offer surfing lessons year-round and provide indoor skateboarding lessons during the winter.

Since the business was formed eight years ago, they have helped over 1,800 people to learn, and experience adapted surfing.

To help support the charity, The Wernick Group donated £5,000 which enabled Surfability to purchase adaptive equipment including:

  • Custom made rail and racking systems for storage of specialised equipment
  • Custom made trolleys to aid the transportation of boards on the beach
  • New custom-made wetsuits
  • Specially designed Prone surfboard

Director, Marketing Manager and Coach at Surfability UK, Ben Room, commented: “With the support and finance from companies like the Wernick Group we can help to streamline our current delivery process. This enables us to give more waves and smiles to more people, thank you! “

The Wernick Group’s Executive Chairman, David Wernick, commented: “The work this charity has been doing to make surfing completely inclusive, allowing people with additional needs to experience surfing is incredible to see. Wernick is extremely proud to support this group, and I am delighted to be able to contribute to help them continue their amazing work.”

To find out more about Surfability UK, visit their website:surfabilityukcic.org