Wernick and Green Power Join Forces to Deliver Innovative Power Solutions

7th March 2023

Wernick Power Solutions is proud to announce its exciting new partnership with Green Power Hire. As part of this collaboration, Wernick has invested almost £2m into battery storage units, with new fleet arrivals scheduled weekly. Wernick Power’s investment in battery storage units will continue throughout the year.

This partnership will have a significant positive impact on our customers, as the battery storage units offer substantial cost savings by reducing the amount of generator power required to run a site or project, thus reducing the need for as much fuel. Additionally, the new technology presents opportunities for large carbon reductions and will work in harmony with our young fleet of generators, including our Stage V generator fleet, which we will continue to invest in through 2023.

The latest lithium technology is lightweight, sustainable, and silent, providing a cleaner and more efficient power source for our customers, whilst using the market leading telemetry system to monitor unit and site performance, allowing us to optimise the solution for our customers as required. The telemetry system also allows us to remotely programme sockets to suit site conditions, isolating power to unnecessary systems and providing carbon reporting for Customers and ourselves.  At Wernick, we are dedicated to finding innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs while reducing our impact on the environment, and the Green Power Battery Storage unit is just one example of this journey.

With the partnership between Wernick Power Solutions and Green Power Hire, we look forward to a successful and sustainable future, providing excellent service and support to our valued customers.

Mark Chamberlain, Director at Green Power Hire, commented, ‘we are really excited to be working with Wernick and can see the potential for huge growth across the businesses.’. Nick Crane, General Manager at Wernick Power Solutions, commented, ‘it’s great to work with an important partner who has an excellent customer support and technical knowledge and a product that perfectly suits our fleet.’

For details, telephone: 0333 4001247 or email: power@wernick.co.uk

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