Dream bigger with the Swiftplan modular system

17th January 2020
modular education building, modular lecture hall

The future of construction delivered now

Swiftplan® represents a totally fresh approach to modular construction. In fact, the only thing we’ve reused is the name.

The Wernick Group was founded over 80 years ago, and attitudes to modular and offsite construction have changed a lot in that time. As the construction market gained increasing confidence in modular methods of construction, we found the scale of the projects we were being asked to quote for began to grow.

Our approach was to go back to the drawing board to develop a system which built on our experience but takes modular to a new level. The answer was Swiftplan®.


We wanted the Swiftplan system to give architects and designers total aesthetic freedom. Our modules accept virtually all proprietary cladding systems. It also supports large format glazing, for example curtain walling and ribbon glazing.

We also know that not everything can be achieved with a building module. That’s why the system can integrate with site-built elements like atria and portal frame structures.


Swiftplan’s approach to construction takes Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) to another level. Modular construction by nature is designed to be assembled on site, but Swiftplan takes this approach deeper into the process, and into the factory.

We reassessed both our supply chain and the components available in today’s market and realised we can improve our process by doing less in the factory.

We’ve reduced the number of components in each module by up to 87% compared to other systems we manufacture. Not only does this make the manufacturing process much quicker, it also improves safety in the factory.

Apart from being quicker to manufacture, Swiftplan units can also be much bigger than our other systems. This reduces building installation times, and therefore time on site.


Small changes in the process can add up to big results at the end of the project. With less materials used in its construction, and less time spent on site, Swiftplan improves the sustainability of a project from beginning to end.

Our modular buildings have always performed well in in terms of air tightness and U-values, so with the new system we took things a step further. The wall panel system, as well as being fully non-combustible, provides a higher thermal mass compared to a typical modular system.

The floors are constructed using cross laminated timber to provide an alternative to a concrete that maintains a solid feeling underfoot.

The best demonstration of our sustainability credentials can be found in our new Head Office building in Wickford, which is designed to be BREEAM excellent.

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