See our new Wernick Power Solutions animation

25th May 2022
Wernick Power Solutions

The new video provides a detailed introduction to Wernick Power Solutions’ service and follows the process we take to ensure you get the right power solution that is tailored specifically to your needs.

At Wernick Power Solutions, we provide fully serviced power solutions, from initial site surveys to commissioning and handover. We have an array of generators in stock with diesel, hybrid, battery, EV charging and solar solutions, meaning that we can cater to every need.

Utilising the latest telemetry technology, we can also regularly monitor your equipment and provide continual service optimisation, making sure your generator is well supplied with fuel and is running at maximum efficiency. This helps improve performance and lowers carbon emissions.

Our latest video walks through the process Wernick Power Solutions’ takes to provide you with the perfect power solution, even after you have received your generator.

Find out more about Wernick Power Solutions here.