Reflections on our 80th Anniversary

18th July 2014
Wernick Group Historical Photo

In 1934 my Grandfather, Samuel Wernick, started a small shed-building business in the family back garden and, with the help of his family and supported by an incredibly loyal workforce, succeeded in creating a Company that was and is the envy of many of its competitors.

Sam from very humble beginnings, brought his family to Britain on the eve of the First World War with little more than determination to seek his fortune. The story of the Wernick Group and its subsequent history up to today is the story of a family who from a very modest start have gone on to create the oldest and one of the largest providers of portable accommodation in the UK.

Most family owned businesses do not last beyond the second generation, but the story of the Wernick Group now spans four. I represent the third generation of the Wernick family to run the Company and hope to pass the baton to my son Jonathan, who is currently General Manager of Eventlink, part of the events arm of the business.

My own humble beginning with the Company was at the age of eleven, sorting bolts in my summer holidays. Since then the Wernick Group has grown enormously, but still remains 100 per cent owned by the Wernick family. There have been many ups and downs that the Company has experienced over its first 80 years but I am deeply committed to the Company remaining private in the future. I strongly believe this to be the only way it can continue on its current path of success.

If one saying can sum up the overriding philosophy of the Group, it is, “The Customer is King”. I am often heard reminding our employees that I don’t pay their salaries – our customers do!

The Wernick family is deeply indebted to all past and current employees and all of our loyal customers who have, and continue to, make this success possible. On behalf of the family I thank you all, and look forward to working with you in the future.