New Wernick Modular Building System

11th November 1998
wernick modular building graphic

Wernick Lead the Way with Environmentally Conscious Rapidplan 3000

As Britain’s largest independent supplier of modular and portable buildings for sale and hire, the Wernick Group is proving its dedication to environmentally responsible manufacturing and construction techniques by further developing the Rapidplan 3000 range of modular buildings.

As one of the market leaders in their field, Wernick have been providing their customers with modular and portable buildings since 1959. From their humble beginnings in 1933 making agricultural buildings, the company has seen strong growth over the years, particularly during the last decade. Now, with environmental responsibility becoming ever more important, Wernick’s environmental policy ensures that they are poised to move forward successfully and conscientiously.

With the Rapidplan 3000 range of modular buildings, Wernick have ensured that quality has not been compromised by increased environmental awareness. “Our designers are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of our buildings.” stated David Wernick, Chief Executive Officer of the Wernick Group. “Our buildings are produced in a controlled factory environment, in which all waste including steel, aluminium and timber is separated for recycling with almost nothing ending up as landfill.”

To further aid the sustainable techniques utilised when manufacturing the Rapidplan 3000, the buildings have been designed to a specifically optimised size in order to match the exact sizes of the building materials, dramatically reducing the amount of waste.

But it is not just the manufacturing techniques that are noteworthy, as David Wernick explains: “The offsite manufacturing process of our buildings means that the construction site programme is greatly reduced, which minimises the impact on the environment and neighbours to the proposed construction site. When possible, we also source labour locally in order to both reduce travelling costs and to help support local communities.”

“Wernick buildings are also completely flexible and can be tailored to your requirements, utilising a range of environmentally friendly options. We work closely with industry leading manufacturers to provide a broad range of renewable energy technologies such as underfloor heating, solar panel water heating systems, photovoltaic electric panels, biomass boilers, rainwater harvesting solutions and passive ventilation.”

With the Rapidplan 3000, Wernick have been able to deliver quality and sustainability across the UK. The combination of cost effective manufacturing and environmental awareness will ensure that this type of modular building is used across the country for a huge range of differing requirements and for many years in the future.