New demonstration unit built at Wernick Refurbished Buildings

15th July 2021

Constructed at Wernick Refurbished Buildings’ depot in York, the building is to be used as an educational tool for clients, suppliers, and staff to visually demonstrate the capabilities and features available with a refurbished building.

Completed in just six weeks, the unit was created using surplus materials from the factory, reducing on-site waste, and making the project more cost-effective.

As well as seeing the work that is carried out in the factory, visitors are now able to see the complete product that demonstrates the range of internal and external options that are acquirable. From showing various cladding options to demonstrating the use of air conditioning versus convector heating, the unit is packed with features to physically present the amenities and design options that can be supplied.

Having already welcomed numerous clients for a demonstration of the building, feedback has been extremely positive as clients are able to see their options first-hand. In addition, Wernick staff can also benefit from the project as the building is also being used for training purposes.

General Manager at Wernick Refurbished Buildings, Alan Barnes, commented: “We have an industry leading facility with a fantastic site, the new demonstration unit means that prospective customers can come down and see not only the work we do here but also the benefits and array of options that can come with a refurbished building. The end product is equivalent to new.”