Justice served faster: the advantages of modular custody units

1st November 2023

In recent years, the justice system in the UK has been exploring innovative ways to optimise its facilities and operations. Modular construction has gained substantial attention as an innovative building solution. With its inherent flexibility and cost-effectiveness, it has revolutionised the way businesses, healthcare facilities, and schools are designed and built. So why shouldn’t the justice system also take advantage of this construction method?

Modular construction offers an array of benefits that align with the justice system’s evolving needs, from rapidly deployable custody units to administrative offices – modular buildings can be tailored to suit specific justice requirements. The ability to expand, relocate, and modify these structures as the need arises ensures that the justice system remains agile and responsive in the face of changing demands.

Faster and more cost-effective deployment

One of the key advantages of modular construction is the accelerated timeline of production. Justice facilities, whether they are police stations, offices, or holding cells, often need to be in operation quickly. Modular construction allows for simultaneous on-site preparation and off-site module manufacturing, significantly reducing construction time. This speed is crucial when addressing immediate capacity needs or replacing outdated facilities.

A modular construction-controlled factory environment reduces material waste and rework, helping projects stay within budget. Moreover, the predictability of costs in modular construction is highly beneficial for public financing and budget planning.

Quality, safety and scalable

Safety and security are paramount in the justice system. Modular construction’s stringent quality control procedures ensure that safety measures and structural integrity are upheld during the manufacturing process. Modular buildings are designed to withstand the stresses of transportation, offering confidence in structural reliability – a crucial aspect for justice facilities.

Justice facilities often need to adapt to changing needs and fluctuating caseloads. Modular buildings offer scalability, enabling the easy expansion or reconfiguration of facilities as required. This adaptability ensures a long-term investment in the justice system.

Flexible custody units

Justice modular building systems offer a remarkable degree of flexibility, accommodating a broad spectrum of requirements while adhering to Home Office guidelines. These versatile solutions can be tailored to provide either permanent or relocatable units. For justice institutions seeking to expand or enhance their custody accommodations, modular systems can swiftly deliver cell extensions or entire custody suites.

The benefit of having relocatable units becomes clear in different situations. When the need for custody facilities changes, these units offer a quick, cost-effective, and temporary solution. They can be set up quickly and later moved or relocated to adapt to evolving needs. In essence, they offer a flexible response to the justice system’s shifting requirements.

On the flip side, permanent units are perfect for long-term solutions when you need stable, durable custody facilities. These units, tailored to meet the justice system’s specific needs, provide strong and dependable structures that will fulfil their purpose for many years. Having the option to select between permanent or relocatable units gives justice institutions the flexibility they need to efficiently enhance their operations and facilities.

In conclusion, modular construction is reshaping the justice system in the UK. Its rapid deployment, cost-efficiency, customisation, and focus on quality and safety make it an ideal choice for justice facilities. With minimal disruption, scalability, and sustainability, modular construction ensures that the justice system has the infrastructure it needs to serve the community effectively. Wernick Buildings has more than a decade of experience in the justice sector and we have consistently strived to deliver top-quality custody units, making us a reliable and proven provider in the industry.

By embracing modular construction, the justice system is not only addressing immediate needs but also planning for a more efficient and sustainable future. This innovative approach is ensuring that the UK’s justice facilities remain secure, functional, and ready to meet the demands of the 21st century.