21st November 2018

Earlier this year Wernick Hire acquired a number of assets from Interserve. A contract was drawn up between the companies which means that Wernick Hire exclusively hires units back to Interserve. One of Aldridge Depot’s first Interserve jobs under the new agreement was a 3 on 4 set up for a new school project in West Bromwich. Some of the ex-Interserve assets were selected for this project.

After assessing which of the new assets would be most suitable to the client’s specifications, they were laid out in sequence ready for prep. The workshop facilities at Aldridge are brilliant for this kind of work, meaning a building this size can be laid out as it would be on site. Despite looking fairly dirty, these units are relatively new, and so offered a solid base for us to develop on.

Preparing the units

Internally, a lot of stud wall and partitioning work needed to be done, however some units already matched the specification, saving us valuable labour and materials. One of the things I’ve learned here at Aldridge is the importance of helping the foreman by identifying suitable units from stock where possible: it’s one less job for him to do and it means having to do a lot less prep work.

The open plan canteen area was mostly a shell and we quickly identified that the floor would need re-vinyling before we started to fit the client’s kitchenette facilities. It’s great to see the contrast here in what we started with versus the facility that was delivered to the client.

The hybrid-modular stock that we inherited from Interserve is complicated in the way that it links. Without over complicating things, it can only be sited in a specific order due to its design, meaning a site visit was critical to a successful install. Working with the Site Manager and the crane company we agreed where the cabins, the cranes and our haulier’s wagons would all go.

Wernick Graduate Trainee Case Study - Canteen

Fortunately, space on this site was not in short supply and access was generous. It was pretty straightforward on this occasion to determine what cabin would go in first and where we would put it. Since starting at Aldridge, I’ve picked up the habit of compiling a folder to take to sites. I give these to the Site Manager and it includes RAMS, foundation plans, lift plans, unit layouts etc. I think it shows the Site Manager that you’ve prepared for the meeting and it’s fewer things they have to chase us for.

The installation

The findings from the site survey were fed back to our haulier. With enough lead time, I’ve learned that requesting specific delivery slots and load orders with the transport companies keeps things nice and simple on the day of the install. After a bit of TLC, the units were ready to go: evidently in much better condition than when we started!

On site, we had a team of operatives working with the crane company to coordinate the install and make sure everything ran smoothly. Thanks to careful planning, we had no issues and all seven units were landed, linked and sealed in one day.

Client’s feedback

I’d explained to Sam Allan the Site Manager at Interserve that we were conducting a case study on his site and wondered if he had any feedback for us now that his building was in place. He admitted that having used Interserve Site Services for so long he was hesitant about change, but that actually he was really happy with the service and the quality. Sam kindly commented, “Wernick Hire were very helpful from the start, helping with the internal design of the cabins to the installation and commissioning stage. The welfare and office facilities are outstanding and helps Interserve give a good impression to the client, workforce and guests.”

Wernick Interserve Hire Case Study stairs

It’s going to be a few weeks before site staff move into the building and the finishing touches are added, but I was really happy with the outcome on site. The benefit for the depot is not just that people on site can see the sort of quality we can supply, it’s that we’ve demonstrated to a slightly doubtful Site Manager that he can rely on Wernick Hire to deliver a top quality, hassle-free service going forward, which I’m sure will serve us well in the future.

This was a really rewarding project to be involved with, and I was delighted we could deliver a solution that one of Wernick’s key clients was genuinely happy with.

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