Get ready for the winter months with emergency generators

20th October 2022

With the winter months approaching we need to consider the potential impact the energy crisis could have on your organisation.

In order for the National Grid to cope with this energy crisis and to prevent the collapse of the grid, there have been discussions that we could experience three-hour power outages this winter to manage the extreme gas shortages.

Power shortages and blackouts could affect the running of your business. This will affect your downtime and could potentially affect your revenue and profits.

So, what can be done to stop this from happening?

Put emergency generators in place now to ensure that your business can carry on working. There are options for automatic mains failure power in the event of an unplanned blackout. Or a ‘flick of a switch’ option in the event of a planned blackout can also be setup.

Make sure you plan ahead and find out whether your temporary power supplier can provide you with power when you need it. Get your backup power in place now!

Nick Crane, General Manager at Wernick Power Solutions commented: “We expect it to be a very busy winter for Wernick Power Solutions, and with our large fleet of new generators, we are in a great position to deal with the expected high demand in backup generators. The possibility of there being potential planned power outages is very high, and all businesses should prepare accordingly. At Wernick Power we’re there to help by supporting our customers to put a contingency plan in place to deal with this if it should happen.”

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