Erica – Onsite power monitoring tool

17th May 2022

See your energy savings by using our latest telemetry technology.

In partnership with IDE systems, Wernick is offering a smart power monitoring and control solution which plays an important role in designing cost-effective and low carbon solutions for temporary and fixed power installations.

Erica can pro-actively switch off the power at the appropriate times and can easily be set up on-site or remotely via web access.

This plug-and-play solution can be set up by Erica’s support team. You can connect easily via a phone or tablet and pre-set your power controls and profiles – all while calculating your energy usage. Real-time data can be seen via it’s live monitoring activity enabling you to see your power consumption and highlight where you can save on usage.

Nick Crane, General Manager at Wernick Power Solutions commented, “The Erica board now allows us to offer the ideal product to meet the customer’s need for an energy management system to lower their costs and emissions.”

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