Ben Wernick completes greatest vertical distance run in 24 hours

1st October 2020

The Managing Director of Wernick Construction, Ben Wernick, has succeeded in completing a 24-hour vertical distance run. Subject to confirmation by Guinness World Records, Ben will achieve the record for the greatest vertical distance run in 24 hours, with an elevation change of 22.68km. Guinness World Records recognised the previous record as 14km.

Through this elite athletics event, Ben is raising money for the Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust.

Starting on Saturday 26th September at 10am, Ben completed a total of 101 laps and ran 115km on a trail in South Wales before finally finishing at 10am the following day.

Prior to the run, a site visit was made by Healer Surveys’ Senior Land and Civil Engineer Surveyor, John Porter, to conduct an analysis of the route.

The starting point of the run was established at the base of the slope adjacent to the car park. Meanwhile, the highest point of the route was marked with a standard house brick set in the ground. The length of the route was 571.023m while the average gradient of the route was 19.66%.

All public health procedures including social distancing measures were abided by throughout the duration of the event.

Ben is hoping to raise a minimum of £2000 for the Wales Air Ambulance Charity and has currently amassed a total of £1,940 which will be topped up by a further £500 by Wernick through the Wernick Employee Charity Scheme.

Ben commented: “We’re very fortunate in the UK, we have an amazing healthcare system and fantastic first responders. We know that if things go wrong and we need urgent help, then it will be there. However, a lot of the Welsh countryside is not easily accessible as they are often far away from public highways. In this case, the mode of transport you need is a helicopter. Through this event, I wanted to raise money to support Wales Air Ambulance Charitable Trust, I truly believe that it’s an invaluable service.”

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