Accommodating the healthcare sector since the 70’s

5th January 2024
healthcare accommodation

In 2024, Wernick celebrates its 90th year as a provider of accommodation solutions in the UK. Originating starting by providing poultry coops and sheds for small business owners, our journey has immensely evolved over the past 9 decades. Today we are delivering comprehensive healthcare facilities that play a crucial role in supporting the NHS and ensuring a secure and conducive environment for various needs.

As a part of our growth, Wernick has proudly contributed to the establishment of numerous healthcare units, wards, theatres, and dedicated office spaces for broader staff engagement. As a leading specialist in modular construction, we continue to uphold our commitment to excellence and innovation in the industry.

From then, to now

We’ve come a long way – from sheltering livestock to offering top-notch healthcare facilities. However, this didn’t happen overnight; our first healthcare facility was built in the 70’s. Since then, we’ve been supporting the NHS and private medical units in providing quality patient care. As a longstanding modular building provider, we take pride in being a leading healthcare specialist in the UK.

Wernick does it all

Our modular solution provides customised and premium spaces designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare suites. We collaborate with trusted partners, consultants, and specialised suppliers to deliver client-specific equipment and facilities. Our buildings feature a floor-to-ceiling height of 3.0m, allowing for pendant and canopy installation. Additionally, a service void is included to ensure compliance with HTM standards for clinical use, accommodating complex MEP service requirements.

Wernick’s modular systems offer a standardised building solution tailored for urgently needed hospital ward space. With expanded heights, spans, and widths, Wernick efficiently integrates a four-bed ward in only two modules, minimising deliveries and on-site time. Our buildings cater to various ward applications, including intensive care, acute medical, paediatric, and maternity units.

Modular accommodation offers a versatile solution for Emergency Department staff, including doctors, nurses, and administrators. Our accommodation can feature spaces such as break-out rooms for relaxation, a quiet area for focused work, and a fully equipped kitchen for food preparation. Buildings can also include features such as unisex changing facilities, individual lockers, showers and toilets for convenience. This comprehensive approach ensures the functional needs and overall experience of staff are met effectively.

You can also explore the idea of numerous office spaces and meeting rooms with Wernick. Whether you’re expanding, relocating, or restructuring, our modular office buildings provide the flexibility for you to adapt, survive, and thrive.

With you every step of the way

Collaboratively, we can manage and provide a turnkey solution. You’ll have a dedicated project lead as your main contact, guiding you through every step from start to completion. Our in-house chartered professionals and construction division ensure seamless on-site delivery. For specialised services, we collaborate with your preferred providers or select from our approved industry partners. Our adaptable approach allows us to tailor our services to best support your project.

Read about our recent projects on our case study page, or alternatively, you can speak with one of our healthcare experts by emailing