Reduce the carbon footprint of your next building project

The Wernick Group constantly strives to deliver buildings that are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Modular construction by its nature is substantially more sustainable than traditional building methods, but that does not mean manufacturers and suppliers can disregard the environment in regards to their products.


Where possible our designs utilise materials in their supplied sizes to reduce waste before manufacturing has even begun. The majority of materials employed including steel, aluminium and timber can all be recycled.

The buildings are produced in a controlled factory environment, allowing far greater control of waste. Different materials can be segregated easily to allow for safe and efficient recycling or disposal; ensuring the amount that goes to landfill is negligible. Factory production also has the benefit of being able to source all labour locally, reducing the need for travel and associated costs to the environment.


Energy efficiency varies from building to building but Wernick Buildings typically have an Energy Performance Rating of β€˜B’. An β€˜A’ rating is easily achievable with the addition of energy saving features such as photovoltaic panels or air source heating.
Modular units can constitute permanent or temporary buildings and are also able to be re-sited if necessary, allowing them to be reused for a variety of purposes. Coupled with a long lifespan, this means a correctly maintained building can retain its utility for many years.

On Site

The impact of installing modular units on a site is far less than that of traditional construction. Because the building is manufactured in a factory, no construction waste reaches the site, let alone damages the surrounding area. There is also less noise pollution, which can be as equally harmful to the local environment and wildlife.

In addition, the speed of installation further reduces any environmental impact. The nature of the site is often the defining factor in installation speed; it is not uncommon to crane ten to twelve units in a day. To give an example of an extreme case, however, seventeen units were installed in one day. This means a site can recover from the installation of a building incredibly quickly.


All these environmental and sustainable benefits are controlled under our quality and environmental assurance procedures that are accredited to the international standards ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2008

Environmentally friendly options

Wernick’s buildings can be built with a broad range of renewable energy technologies from industry leading manufacturers and supplied with the following:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Ground and air source heating solutions
  • Solar panel water heating systems
  • PV panel electrical supply
  • Biomass boilers
  • Rainwater harvesting solutions
  • A wide range of highly efficient air conditioning and comfort cooling/heating systems
  • Controlled heating and lighting (BMS)

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