Responsible Sourcing

We seek to develop close, long-standing and mutually beneficial relationships with our supply chain.

The success we have achieved over the years would not have been possible without the support of our supplier partners, and some of these working partnerships are still continuing over many years. Following ISO 9001 standard of quality management systems, we expect all our suppliers to match our high standards in respect of quality, working conditions, trading practices, health and safety and environmental protection.

We operate from 36 sites around UK, and with our Environmental Management Systems, work to promote positive environmental outcomes from our sourcing practices. We use materials which help reduce waste and when possible source from local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.

We welcome open and honest conversations with our stakeholders. Increasing the transparency of our supply chain sustainability can identify opportunities for program improvements and collaboration.

All suppliers (regardless of certification status) are required to undergo an audit as laid out by our Quality System to ensure they uphold the same high standards that we maintain ourselves.

What our providers say about us…

“Wernick have always dealt with us as an equal partner and with the greatest respect. We really feel we are part of a great team when we work with Wernick”. Michael Pursey – Director, Pursey & Ball
Working relationship of 29 years

“Wernick is one of our most valued customers and we appreciate the long-standing close relationship we have, which has developed and grown over the years.” Colin Freeman – Managing Director, ATB Systems
Working relationship of 18 years

“We always find the people at Wernick are easy to work with. Overall we feel that between us we have an excellent working relationship.” Andy Butler – Customer Services Manager, Kingspan Steel Building Products
Over 10 years working relationship

“Our close working relationship with Wernick has developed over many years. We enjoy working with a team who shares our commitment to quality, service, and environmental responsibility.” Anthony Kershaw, Managing Director, AquaTec Coatings Ltd.
Working relationship of 16 years

“Having dealt with Wernick Hire for over 20 years, we have had the opportunity to cement an exceptional two-way relationship with a most valued customer.” Paul Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Mersey Container Services
Working relationship of 18 years

“Wernick has become a key client that we have been lucky enough to work with nationwide on numerous projects. We find Wernick trustworthy, incredibly friendly and approachable on and off-site. Over a six-year period we have built a fantastic working relationship that we hope continues for many more years to come!” Mark Davies, Operations Director, Trefoil Interiors Ltd.
Working relationship of 6 years