Corporate Social Responsibility

The Wernick Group recognise the importance of conducting our business in a socially responsible manner.

This is demonstrated in the way that we deal with our employees, customers and the wider community where we operate. We consider that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of good business management.

The Executive Board of the Company is responsible for the leadership, strategic direction and overall management of the Group. It sets the  strategic aims, establishes the Company’s values and standards, and monitors compliance within a framework of effective controls.

We believe appointing the right people is vital and strive to create a respectful and rewarding work environment. We invest in employee training and career development and provide incentives to support employee engagement in their communities. Our Help in the Community Initiatives mean that we encourage staff to take part in local charity efforts.

We continually seek to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations through innovation in our systems and procedures, as well as investment into green technologies. We have ISO14000 Environmental Management Certification and ensure every opportunity is taken to make our procedures and practices as sustainable as possible.

We are a proud British company, and we recognise that our employees benefit from institutions such as the NHS and we believe in paying our fair share of contributions. We take no part in tax avoidance schemes.

The Wernick Group are proud to support charity work and support a small group of chosen organisations.

Our CSR vision and values

Message from Company Chairman, David Wernick

So just what does ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ really mean to The Wernick  Group? Our commitment to ensuring that business activities are socially responsible dates back to the birth of the Company in the 1930’s before CSR was a familiar business term.

Wernick has the greatest respect for the environment and its employees, as these have been the foundations of our success over the past 80 years. We are deeply indebted to all past and current employees who have, and continue to, make our Company successful.David-Wernick

As a responsible Company we need to respond to the threat of climate change. Although our sustainability efforts already adhere to the highest standards, I am determined that we do not get complacent and continue to strive to improve on reducing our carbon footprint.

Actions speak louder than our words however, and you can find more details about our Company’s CSR efforts in this section.

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