Charity and Communities

The Wernick Group regularly provide donations and support to charities and organisations who help disadvantaged people.

We are always looking to promote community engagement amongst our workforce and our customers and suppliers.

Below are some of the charities and institutions supported by the Wernick Group and its staff:

Company Charity Initiatives


Treloar’s is a School and Trust which provides education, care, therapies, medical support and independence for young people with complex physical disabilities. Their aim is to prepare these young people for adult life, giving them the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential.

Based in Hampshire, they work in three main areas, which are a non-maintained Nursery and School (from 2 to 19 years) and College (from 16 to 25 years). The School challenges young people to nurture their abilities to prepare them for the next stage in their lives. Aims for the College are to enable all learners to achieve their long-term goals of a more independent life and make a meaningful contribution to their community.

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London Youth

London Youth is a network of nearly 400 youth clubs and projects serving 75,000 young people across London every year. It supports the contribution of community-based youth clubs and youth workers, providing them with information, advice and a wide range of accredited training. It works directly with young people to create “eye-catching and innovative” new opportunities in partnership with youth clubs and at its outdoor activity and training centres.

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Wheel Power

WheelPower provides opportunities for disabled people to get into sport and lead active lives. From first-timers to Paralympic medallists, they support and promote participation at all levels and have provided opportunities in sport for people with physical impairments for over 70 years.

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Wheelwrights Charitable Fund – Charity work associated with the Wheelwrights

The Worshipful Company of Wheelwrights’ General Charitable Trust meets three times a year.

In principle the Trust makes donations to:

•    Enable mobility and access for disabled people

•    Charities which have limited funds and where our giving can make a real difference

•    Specific projects with which the Wheelwrights can be identified rather than general funding

The donations are spread across two main areas; the Affiliated Charities and the Wheelwrights’ own charity, the BattleBack Fund.

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British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA)

The British Acoustic Neuroma Association (BANA) is a registered charity, formed in 1992 by a group of patients and their partners who were introduced to each other by ENT and Neurosurgeon Consultants from the Queen’s Medical Centre Hospital in Nottingham.

From the onset, mutual support was this small group’s primary aim, along with providing reliable information to sufferers and to promote research into acoustic neuromas and the effects of the condition.

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Jewish Blind and Disabled

Jewish Blind and Disabled is the only Jewish charity that is dedicated to ensuring that neither physical disability or impaired vision becomes a barrier to maintaining independence and dignity. They help adults of all ages to live independently either from their existing accommodation or in their own mobility apartment.

Currently, the charity has seven developments that house mobility apartments for people aged 18 and over. The apartments are specially designed to enable those with disabilities to continue to live independently and safely in their own space.

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Charity Fund-matching Scheme

We offer a charity fund-matching scheme for all employees who take part in raising money for charity.